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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it called Argus/Why a peacock?
    The magazine is named after a character from Greek Mythos. Argus, specifically Argus Panoptes, is the name of a giant with one hundred eyes who was slain by Hermes. Argus was a servant to Hera, who took pity on him. She placed the symbol of his 100 eyes on the tails of peacocks to commemorate him. This makes the peacock a perfect symbol; the eyes represent all the different stories/opinions that come from students found in each edition of the magazine. Find our more on the Lore page!
  • Where can I find a physical copy of Argus?
    3rd Floor Kyser, by the Argus bulletin board next to Room 337 Library NSU's Post Office CAPA University Place 1 University Place 2 Columns Varnado Storybrew Cafe on Front Street in downtown Natchitoches
  • Where can I find old copies of Argus?
    You can find old copies of Argus many ways. Digitally here A physical copy in the Watson library's archive Sometimes we give away old editions of Argus at events around campus
  • Is Argus free to submit to/Is Argus free to obtain?
    You can submit as much as you'd like to Argus FOR FREE. Each edition is paid for by your tuition, so if you find a book, then you can take as many as you'd like FOR FREE!
  • What is the production/publishing schedule for Argus?
    Fall: Submission time; submissions are usually due the Friday of Finals week (sometime in December) Spring: Book is made, printed, and then given out at the end of Spring or possibly the beginning of the following Fall. Summer: Main hiring time for new editorial team members; this information is usually on our social medias and Student Messenger.
  • Does each submission have to follow the theme?
    No, but if your submission does follow the theme in some way then it may be more likely to be selected for publication.
  • Do I need to be an Art Major or an English Major to submit?
    No. All current NSU students in all majors are eligible to submit.
  • Will I be guaranteed a spot in the magazine if I submit?
    No. There is a limited amount of space in the magazine, so we cannot offer publication to everyone. Often even very strong pieces do not quite make the editorial cut.  Selection for the magazine is determined via voting by our editorial team. Fun fact: Names of submitters cannot be seen by the Argus staff.  They can only be seen by the Editor-in-Chief, who does not vote.  Names are revealed to the staff only when the book is published in order to protect anonymity and ensure against bias.
  • Are there any restrictions on content and/or subject matter?
    We do not censor our content in any way, but we want to keep our fellow students safe.  This is why we include content warnings. Publication of any particular piece is up to the discretion of the entire editorial team.
  • Where do I put my name on my submission?
    NOWHERE!!  Please do not put your name anywhere in your submission--this includes headers and/or file names. We ask that you do not include your name so that we can protect against bias in the publication review and selection process. If you want to go by a pseudonym or stay anonymous, that is also an option you can select on the submission form.
  • Is there a particular format I should follow when submitting my work?
    Please look at our Guidelines page!
  • How many times can I submit?
    You can submit an unlimited amount of pieces to any of the four categories.  DO NOT SUBMIT ONE PIECE MORE THAN ONCE.
  • Are there page limits for writing?
    Any piece, especially prose, cannot exceed 10 pages.
  • If I am hired for an editorial position with Argus, does that mean I can't submit?
    Everyone is encouraged to submit.  This includes staff. All submissions are reviewed anonymously, so this prevents bias toward our own editors.
  • Can I put publication in Argus on my resume even if I did not win a prize?
    Of course you can!  Argus has limited space, so making it in is a big achievement.  Share your accomplishment.
  • Can I resubmit a piece to Argus I have already submitted before?
    If the piece has not been published in a previous edition of Argus, you are welcome to submit again.
  • What does 'tasteful nudity' entail?
    The definition of tasteful nudity is at the discretion of the editorial team.
  • How can I get in contact with someone at Argus?
    Best way is to email us at DM's are not a good way to get in touch with us.
  • Have a question that isn't answered here?
    Shoot us an email at!
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