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A Blurb About Us:

Argus is Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s Art and Literary Magazine. Publication began in the Fall of 1976. We are an all-inclusive organization that stands for the right of free speech paired with artistic expression. Every year, a new edition of the magazine is produced by the staff from the submissions of the students on campus. Each edition is available both in print and digitally, and is created by a student-run editorial team under the guidance of a faculty advisor from the Department of English, Languages, and Cultural Studies. Submissions open in the fall to supply content for release of a new edition each spring, which contains original works of poetry, prose, fine art, and photography. Undergraduate as well as graduate students may submit to the magazine. Submissions are selective. They are reviewed anonymously and voted on by the Argus editorial team. Having work published in the magazine is an honor to list on a resume, and also makes students eligible to win a cash prize in their genre.

The Story of ‘Argus’:

Here is the original wording of ‘The Story of Argus’ from the first edition that came out in 1976:

"According to Greek mythology, Argus was a giant with a hundred eyes. While some of his eyes “slept,” he kept watch with the others. Hermes lulled Argus to sleep with his magic lyre and then slew him with a stone. Upon finding the dead Argus, Hera, queen of the Gods, placed his eyes in the tail of the peacock.

The cover of ARGUS represents the ancient legend handed down to us by the Greeks. To illustrate the story of the mythical Argus, Rivers Murphy, Associate Professor of Art, has drawn a single peacock’s feather, within whose “eye” is the Greek letter RHO, meaning one hundred. Murphy’s feather represents in symbolic terms the idea upon which the magazine ARGUS is based—that of a single publication in which the varied talents and varied points of view of NSU students may find expression."

See here for the first Argus and where this section of text came from

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