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All submissions to Argus, Northwestern State University's art and literary magazine, should be original work.

Only submissions from an official student email account will qualify.

Students can send an unlimited amount of submissions to any or all categories:

  • Poetry

  • Prose

  • Fine Art

  • Photography

Important things to note when submitting:

  • Please submit only one piece per submission

  • Please submit a piece only once; submitting the same piece multiple times DOES NOT improve chances

  • Your name should not be in the word document or in the file name to maintain objectivity and prevent bias

  • Profanity, triggering material, and tasteful nudity are allowed---but please use content warnings when appropriate

  • Any student from any major can submit (graduate and undergraduate)

  • Following the theme is recommended, but not required

If your work is selected for publication, it may be edited along the following categories: adjusting margins and/or justification, fixing typos, altering spacing, and deleting/adding content warnings.

Argus' Golden Rule of Submissions:


For more detailed submission guidelines by genre, please visit our Submittable page.

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